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毛義方 教授



Professor I-Fang Mao







List of selected publications



1.Li-Ling Huang, Chien-Tsai Huang, Mei-Lien Chen, and I-Fang Mao*: „Effects of profuse sweating induced by exercise on urinary uric acid excretion in a hot environment“ Chinese Journal of Physiology. 53(4):254-261, 2010 (SCI)
2.Jui-Fang Huang, Ruey-Hong Wong, Chun-Chieh Chen, I-Fang Mao, Cheng-Chih Huang, Wei-Hao Chang, Lee Wang*: “Trajectory of depression symptoms and related factors in later life — A population based study.” Journal of Affective Disorders. 133(3): 499-508, 2011(SCI).
3.Wang KL, Hsia SM, Mao IF, Chen ML, Wang SW, Wang PS* : “Effects of polybrominated diphenyl ethers on steroido genesis in rat Leydig cells.” Human Reproduction. 26(8): 2209-2217, 2011(SCI)
4.Fu-Kuei Chang, I-Fang Mao, Mei-Lien Chen, Shu-Fang Cheng: “Urinary 8-Hydroxydeoxy- guanosine as a Biomarker of Oxidative DNA Damage in Workers Exposed to Ethylbenzene” Annals of Occupational Hygiene 55(5):519-525, 2011(SCI)
5.Lee MW, Chen ML, Lung SC, Tsai CJ, Lai CF, Yang SC, Mao IF*: “Increase of urinary concentrations of 8-hydroxy-2'-deoxyguanosine in diesel exhaust emission inspector exposed to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.” International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health. 85: 273-282, 2011(SCI)
6.Chung-Jung Tsai, Mei-Lien Chen, An-Di Ye, I-Fang Mao*: “Single SnO2 gas sensor as a practical tool for evaluating the efficiency of odor control engineering at food waste composting plants.” Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical. 169: 248-254, 2012(SCI)
7. Mei-Lien Chen, Lee Wang, Yang Kai Chi, Chin-Chi Mao, Shih-Chun Candice Lung, I-Fang Mao*: “Polybrominated diphenyl ethers in foodstuffs from Taiwan: level and human dietary exposure assessment.” Science of The Total Environment. 431:183-187, 2012(SCI)
8.I-Fang Mao, Mei-Ru Chen, Lee Wang, Mei-Lien Chen, Sin-Chen Lai, Chung-Jung Tsai: “Method development for determining the malodor source and pollution in industrial park.” Science of The Total Environment. 2012(SCI)
9.Ming-Song Tsai, Chia-Huang Chang , Yen-An Tsai , Kai-Wei Liao , I-Fang Mao ,Tzu-Hao Wang ,Shiaw-Min Hwang , Yu-Jen Chang , Mei-Lien Chen. (2013,Mar). “Neonatal outcomes of intrauterine nonylphenol exposure—A longitudinalcohort study in Taiwan”. Science of the Total Environment , 458-460, 367–373,2013.
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12.Kai-Wei Liao, Chia-Huang Chang, Ming-Song Tsai, Ling-Chu Chien, Ming-Yi Chung, I-Fang Mao, Yen-An Tsai, Mei-Lien Chen. Associations between urinary total arsenic levels, fetal development, and neonatal birth outcomes: A cohort study in Taiwan. Science of the Total Environment 2018; 612:1373-1379.
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14. Chen ML, Lu SL, Mao IF. Subjective symptoms and physiological measures of fatigue in air traffic controllers. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics 2019;70:1-8